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Welcome to My World!

These are some of my favorite projects. Click on below items to have a look at my repo's and live versions!

projectphoto1Building a Minimalist CV with Gatsby.Github Repo🍋Live
projectphoto1AntalyaDomHomes is my first real estate project. It is a real-life project.Github Repo🍋Live Badge ReactJS Badge Tailwindcss
projectphoto1The task was simple: you will build a small Todo application that lives in your browser, and saves todos even after browsers restart.Github Repo🍋Live Badge ReactJS Badge Tailwindcss
projectphoto1Created with JavaScript using the Chart library and API’s to retrieve location and weather data.Github Repo🍋Live
projectphoto1BeLekker is a social cooking app bringing people together who share their passion for food.Github Repo🍋Live Badge ReactJS Badge Tailwindcss
projectphoto1A group assignment website with 4 different games and a coin balance functionality. Created as a group assignment in HTML, CSS, Tailwind & Javascript. Don’t forget to add some coins to your account before playing (hint: profile menu) :)Github Repo🍋Live