Front-End DeveloperUI Designer

Ghent, Belgium

Istanbul Kultur University

BeCode Web-Dev Education

HTML, CSS, JS, React, MySQL, Git, VSC, Figma

English, Dutch, Turkish

Hello there, I'm Ezgi!

To make a long story short, I am currently looking for my next challenge as a Front-End Developer, having expertise in both Web Development and UI/UX design. After graduating in Communication Arts & Advertising, I have worked as a copywriter, buying assistant and cabin crew, three distinct experiences which have all contributed to my professional development.

After moving to Belgium I decided to return to my passion about design & advertising and further build upon my university studies in Communication Arts.

After an internship as UI/UX designer at an ambitious start-up company within EY, I am currently at the end of an intensive 7 month Education in Web Development @BeCode.

During my stay in Stockholm, Sweden, I got fascinated by Nordic design and since then I integrate minimalist design principles in many of my projects.

The tech I love: